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YourBreed Clothing Deal of the Day!

Posted by Deborah Thompson on 11/5/2014
Everyday YourBreed Clothing will offer a very special deal for customers that are on their mailing list. These savings are up to 50% at times. If you would like to see these private sales join YourBreed Clothing's mailing list today!
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Cassia Lima Date 11/19/2014
Looking forward to see a deal for pillow bone. I want to buy 6-10 pillow depending prices. To give to my clients dogs for Christmas
YourBreed Clothing Date 11/20/2014
Cassia: The pillows will not be a part of our Deal of the Day however we will be glad to give you a free shipping coupon. If you would like us to send you the coupon code please send an email to us and we'll reply with your code. Thank you for thinking of us for your clients gifts. Sincerely, Deborah Thompson Customer Service
Yvonne King Date 12/11/2014
I just received an item intended to be a Christmas gift for my daughter-in-law. I ordered the V-neck 3/4 sleeve T-shirt with the slhouette of a BORDER TERRIER. This is clearly stated on the invoice. Instead, I received the shirt with a border collie. I was thrilled when I found your site since it's been impossible to find a border terrier breed on anything. Since we have our family celebration coming up on Satruday, I am so disappointed and know she will be, too. According to your policy, you give no refunds, so I will have to settle for an exchange. The problem is NOT ENOUGH TIME! I tried calling, but got a recording. It's so frustrating when there is NO customer service. I will continue trying to call. My wish is that you could overnight the right shirt at your expense since it was your mistake.
Sandy Date 1/27/2015
Hi, do you have any promotions on embroidered socks? We'd love to get a pair to represent each of our dogs during our upcoming wedding! :) Thanks!
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